Holistic Vedic Astrology

Purpose of Astrology

All creation draws its vitality, strength, and purpose from the indwelling spiritual consciousness, which is the eternal essence of divine love and light. Astrology is a sacred tool to help us align more fully with this essence, thus creating a sense of greater wholeness and connectedness for our soul in its journey toward self-actualization.

The Science of Light

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotisha, the Science of Light, is a timeless tradition of living truth born of the great wisdom of India. Vedic astrology comprises a comprehensive system of knowledge that has been revealed by masters of light and transcendence. Whereas the tropical seasonal zodiac forms the basis of Western astrology, the visible sidereal zodiac provides the framework for Vedic astrology. The sidereal zodiac is directly aligned with the stars and thus reflects the eternal relationship between the individual and the infinite universal creative force.

Cosmic Encoding

Each of us is an eternal being, having existed in a form that is self-aware before birth, and continuing that existence when the physical body dies. A natal horoscope, or birth chart, is erected along with various sub-charts for that pivotal moment in eternity when one is born. At that exact time and place, the human energy system is imprinted with specific celestial frequencies that encode patterns of life manifestation and expression. This cosmic encoding reflects our karma, the universal principle of cause and effect that governs all life. The cosmic radiations do not cause our destiny; they merely record it and transmit it back to us to be fulfilled.

Shifting Cycles

Cosmic frequencies continually shift and mirror our growth and transformation throughout life. These frequencies are revealed in a variety of auxiliary techniques and charts used by Vedic astrologers. For example, numerous dasha systems (planetary periods) provide an excellent method for forecasting as well as understanding our ever-changing cycles. As with Western astrology, Vedic astrology also tracks the transits and progressions of planets as a way of highlighting karmic trends. Both systems of astrology also make use of question charts that are cast for the birth of a question. Known as prashna in Vedic astrology, question charts can reveal the results of our varying Kriyamana Karma, which is born of our actions in the current lifetime.

Living Truth

Astrology can help us see more clearly who we are and how we fit into the great cosmic drama of life. Astrology can assist us in overcoming karma and aligning with our ultimate spiritual destiny. It can reveal and help us work with our strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly, to rise above them and gain a greater perspective on our true nature as spiritual beings. I cover important karmic remedies within the Karmic Remedies and Resources page.


Centered around the Coactive Coaching model, ACVA’s Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Coaching, otherwise known as VAC, offers practical, useful information that can help one become more self-aware and make positive life changes. Jyotish Coaching can assist in identifying one’s dharma, the life purpose and path most suitable to one’s nature. VAC offers guidance and support toward discovering the correct actions at the correct time to support the goal of living at full potential.

Holistic Astrology

Holistic astrology focuses on one's psychological processes and stages of self-development, rather than on the outer more superficial changes and events that are never-ending in our lives. In this way, a holistic reading of one's natal horoscope can provide guidance and support for meaningful personal transformation. Preview my services and readings within my "Services" page.

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