Juliana's Testimonials

“What a blessed gift! Thank you so much for this reading! Wow, I'm totally blown away! It actually brought tears to my eyes. I really can't get over it. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. You have a real gift!” Bill M., Mamaroneck, NY

“Juliana, it was a great pleasure talking to you today. The reading with you gave me great insights on who I am, my tendencies and why it is like that. And you also gave me new inspiration for my healing work. More so, I can move on with my path and feel confident about it, because I understand my role better, and maybe everything will fall in to place:) Thank you so much. And also for all the links and good tips and address, can’t wait to order the gem elixirs and this ionic foot bath you recommended. Love and light.” Isabelle S., Zurich, Switzerland 

Juliana, you are wonderful! Having worked with numerous astrologers and being a relatively new student to Vedic astrology, I feel you are the BEST! What I love about your readings is that you will tie in both eastern and western [sidereal] astrology (since I always felt both add value) and will then blend with Ayurveda, the elements  and with spirituality...all touching so deeply in detail and with love. I felt like even my challenges or what would often be called my “weak points”  were presented with solutions on how to transform them. Juliana, you are such a wonderful gift and presence in my journey. With love and gratitude.” Wyndee, Gloucester, Massachusetts 

“I have spent a great deal of time with many Jyotishis personally and professionally. Your reading illuminated so much more about my chart than I had never heard before. Furthermore, the thoroughness and depth was held at a steady pace carefully deliberated so as to have more meaning with each layer you added. If anyone has ever wanted a Vedic astrology reading, they should look no further than you, Juliana. Your expertise is unparalleled.” Wahneta Trotter, Certified Ayurvedic and Pancha Karma specialist and Senior Certified Yoga Teacher ~ Ketchum, Idaho

“Very often I am searching for Vedic astrology blogs. I found your Astral Harmony Facebook page and part of my morning ritual is seeing if you’ve posted something. I appreciate how compassionate and positive your posts are. Even during times of ‘bad’ transits, you offer light filled encouragement.” Jamie M., Albuquerque, NM

“I am incredibly blessed to be one of your clients. Your kind-hearted, genuine, on-point guidance is simply phenomenal. In the last several years, you predicted many things that have transpired in my life. I know you are a brilliant and well-educated Vedic astrologer, but I also see you as someone with a God-given gift for helping others. I recommend you 100 times over to anyone who wants to experience a joyful, loving, few hours or more of enlightenment.” Kris C., Fresno, CA

“Your loving and positive interpretation of my chart has been a guiding light on my path in this journey of life. From the beginning meditation through to the end of the session your intelligence, humor, and intuitive sensitivity guide me through to a deeper understanding of my own nature and what that means in relationship with the planetary events that are happening and influencing me. I trust you completely. You have been a lovely support to myself and my family. Thank you so much!” Sugandhi, Twisp, WA

“Your sessions meet me at a soul level—where the true work lives. You masterfully share an alchemy of deep wisdom, spirituality, profound intuition and grounded knowledge. You are amazingly precise, practical, thorough and accurate. Beyond all of that, you are one of the most generous, authentic and genuine people on the planet. You are amazing!” Mana, Kauai, Hawaii

“Juliana, you are a genius at knowing what energies to work with. You have incredible intuition and offer the most pure loving support in any situation. Your beautiful healing sessions are somewhat indescribable and always helpful. As you are so in touch with your higher guides, you help me open up to mine. You have so much knowledge of not only spirit, but science, astrology and much more. I love you and your work!” Pattie F., Kawaihae, Hawaii

“Your deep guidance and intuition that come through your readings have helped me in both visible and inconceivable ways in my personal life and my own practice. One of your areas of expertise is your profound sense of sacred femininity, which I believe is essential to helping people open their hearts. You truly bring warmth and personal concern to the forefront. Thank you for being such a dear soul-friend, and helping me open the doors of my ‘own’ planets and their eternal teachings.” Risi Waterman, Vedic Astrologer, Asheville, NC

“Our session was one of the most enlightening moments in my life. Though I've had my chart done before, you provided insights that no one else has had. I received new perspectives that allow me to shape my life in a more meaningful way. Thank you!” R.G., Jakarta

“Having received your services twice, I am deeply impressed with your thoroughness, content and professionalism. You are an expert in both Vedic and Western Astrology. Your readings are “right on the mark” and thus extremely valuable. You are a trusted advisor. Thank you Juliana!” Suryo G., Seattle, WA

“You have always been there at the right moment in my business development over the years. I really appreciate your insight when I am making moves in life. Thank you so much for all you do to help me and my family Juliana!” JD, Kapaau, HI

“Juliana Swanson, you are a Rock Star! You gave me clarity, insights and answers to questions I have had for many years. You confirmed many things and events in my life. With a down-to- earth approach along with your generous spirit, you guided me through a difficult time in my life of transition. Your reading was transformational, healing and accurate. As an entrepreneur, I value your service and highly recommend you to my clients, friends and family as well other business owners.” Denise Baron, Realtor and Lifestyle Expert, Philadelphia PA

“Thank you again for the absolutely wonderful experience in my Astral Tune-up session. Before we started, I was confused and my mind was clogged with all different kinds of problems. I feel it already changing. I feel more confident and I am getting ready to change the things that need to be changed. Thank you and God bless you. You are a wonderful human being. I also will gladly recommend you. You are fantastic!” Andreas B., Boston, MA

“I am so grateful for the wonderful reading. You are amazing! I was able to clearly comprehend the meaning of everything you explained and felt completely understood and supported by your analysis. You gave me hope that I can get through this recent rough patch and more than that, you gave me tools to work with that I know are already helping me. I have a new lease on life thanks to you!”  MJ, Austin, Texas

“You are one of my primary Vedic astrology teachers, and I will always be grateful for everything I have learned from you. You have three incredible qualities: in-depth knowledge of Vedic astrology, immense spiritual wisdom and a big heart. You share freely like a compassionate mother. You do not rest until your students understand the concepts thoroughly.” AG, San Diego, CA

“As my personal astrologer and coach for the past four years, you have consistently provided me with the practical and spiritual guidance and support that I sought. I invariably come out of your readings with greater clarity of vision and feeling calmer. You have a high level of astrological technical knowledge, which you merge in understanding and compassion. So, you are more than an astrologer, you are a divine friend. Your friendship is invaluable and keeps on growing and the best thing about you/your friendship is that it convinces me every day that God placed you in my life to teach me to shape my reality into a higher, better, brighter and more joyous one at every juncture.” Dr. Karina Weil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I have had dozens of astrological readings in my life with the world’s greatest astrologers, but yours was by far the best I ever had. I am not exaggerating. I could tell you prepared ahead of time because you knew me so well. I could feel a sense of relief when you were sending me healing energies before and during the session when I just felt connected to something wonderful. I would say this was no ordinary reading, it was an initiation. Ever since we spoke, I have been on a new and happier path. Thanks for taking so much time to answer all my questions and to email me your suggestions.” CW, Santa Fe, NM

“Juliana, you are without a doubt, the best astrologer I've ever consulted. In fact, I would go so far as to say that you are the best counselor I have ever consulted as your ‘readings’ are not merely astrology readings: they are more like rigorously researched ‘life reports’ that track where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going. Every time I consult with you, I feel like you really understand me, and I come away feeling more clarity and hope than at any other time in my life.” JA, Atherton, CA

“For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful. Bless you, Juliana. You are truly gifted!” RP, New York, NY

“Juliana, a reading with you is a rare and precious gem in these tumultuous times. Your work is thoroughly infused with clarity, depth and insight. You have deeply integrated the teachings of Vedic Astrology and I recommend you without reservation.” Terri Nash, MS, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), Kauai, Hawaii

“Juliana, I want to thank you for the most comprehensive and insightful reading. As a long time yoga practitioner and Jyotish student, I have had readings by many of the well known Jyotishis over the years. Your work is second to none. The time you put in preparation, the deep understanding and intuitive insight you possess is truly unique.” Brooke Zwerner, Yoga Instructor and Vedic Astrologer, Seattle, WA

“I value the wisdom you have shared in our readings over the last four years. You offer your deep knowledge of Vedic astrology, energy healing, meditations, and wise woman insights as guidance for living into my wholeness. I consider you one of my best resources for gaining a deeper awareness of my life journey. You have been a guide for me through transitions of business building, marriage, selling a home and planning an extended journey around the world. I have listened to our recorded sessions numerous times, each time coming to a greater understanding of my struggles and the unfolding of life. I describe your readings to my friends as having a grand multi-dimension map of me and my world. You are clear, compassionate and always encourage your clients to seek the light of their higher selves.” Lauren, Arlington, VA

“Putting into words my experience of your work as a master astrologer and distance healer is an attempt to describe a consistent source of pure spiritual guidance. It really can't be done. I can say that every time I have consulted with you, I have come away with a sense of having been given a direct experience with the Divine. Your knowledge and sensitivity are combined with laser like directness and disarming lightness. My chart is heavy lifting and she has helped me to navigate many important choice points in relationships, career and some major geographical moves. I have recommended her work to many of my more enlightened friends who have all agreed with my opinion that you are a jewel and a joy to know. I feel truly blessed to have the good fortune to know you.” Heather O., M.A., Mental Health Counselor, Cambridge, MA

“I’ve been blessed to work with you as an astrologer and as a teacher. Your readings are a great gift of divination and deep love. You always speak to me like a friend, both singing the high points of my chart and gently revealing the more challenging aspects. You have taught me so much about myself and this life that’s living through me. As a teacher, you are deeply knowledgeable about both sidereal and tropical astrology, and this knowledge in addition to your abilities with Tarot and your generous desire to reveal the truth make you the most exceptional astrologer I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with a few.” Subhaga, Philadelphia, PA

“I cannot say enough about the powerful readings you provided to me following the death of my daughter Claudia 12 years ago. With your vast knowledge and understanding of Vedic astrology, you brought unexplainable peace to me and my family around Claudia’s passing and the interconnected paths of each of us. Even today, 12 years later, I often reflect on the information you provided because it was so helpful and reassuring in many ways. The more recent readings you have provided for my other children and me have been detailed, accurate, helpful and informational. I can truly say that your readings are not only fascinating but also enlightening. Juliana, you are one of a kind and a true treasure. Thank you!” Julie Smith, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

“I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I have received so much profound insight from my astrology readings with you. I feel supported and understood by you ~ which is invaluable!  Your tremendous wisdom, knowledge, compassion, confidence, and depth of healing presence translates unmistakably into your readings and healing recommendations and has always brought me much clarity, transformation and guidance. I have sought your insight for many aspects of my life and always feel that your responses are clear, honest, heartfelt, respectful and full of Grace! You have also provided me with an astrological glimpse into my daughter’s journey here, which has allowed me to surrender deeper and more gracefully as a mother, which is a gift I will cherish forever!!! I can go on and on about how wonderful you are... simply put, you are a true blessing in my life and my husband’s and daughter’s as well!” Mira Newman, Philadelphia, PA

“Our session gave me so much clarity, insight and transformation— it was truly a Game Changer. You told me that I would have to deal with the IRS this year with a tax issue and I am currently paying the balance of what I owe from 2012 taxes. You also told me that I would have one big change this year, which did transpire, in that I am now dating someone who I am really excited about and inspired by and it is mutual on all levels. Through the reading, I was able to see myself and my life in a new way which has expanded my experience of myself and created perceptual shifts that have opened up new possibilities in my thinking and in my life. I am very grateful to you for your amazing gifts and for sharing yourself in such a huge way with humanity and our world. I truly know our world is a better place because you are in it.” David G., Cathedral City, California

“Your sage guidance, as a compassionate, integrous interpreter of the stars, has helped my inner eye with life decisions for the past four years. What I most enjoy about your excellence is your ability to translate the destiny of our birth, with the transmutable force of our willingness to change and grow. You have empowered me to navigate choices and potentials - beyond imaginable accuracy- by decoding the obstacles and haze at hand while consistently supporting my free will to shine and my inner guidance to be heard. You are a gem I treasure, and a wisdom-keeper I hold dearly.” Kate Brenton, Kauai, Hawaii

“I cannot thank you enough for everything you and your reading gave me. I came to you feeling very lost—needing clarity, guidance and reassurance, and that's exactly what I received. I was blown away by not only how true your reading rang for me, but also how prepared you were going into our session. I could tell that you spent an incredible amount of time before our session not only creating and interpreting my charts, but also getting to know me on a deeper soul-level.  I felt comfortable, understood and supported during our session and inspired, reassured and hopeful afterwards. Your reading was truly a gift, Juliana, one for which I am eternally grateful.” Jessica, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Your reading was like experiencing a new dimension in astrological rapport. You gave real life strategies for transmuting the difficult aspects in my chart. You recognized the need to adjust my C-section birth time and the whole reading resonated with more truth than any other I've had.” Hart, West Danville, Vermont

“I would like to say I had an amazing experience with you after being referred by another Vedic astrologer. What immediately struck me when I initially contacted you was your attention to detail and your thoroughness. All the issues I was concerned about were meticulously addressed. You then proceeded to provide me with remedies which have been tremendously beneficial.” IG, London

“I really appreciate the time and care you put into my astrology chart reading. You are a gifted intuitive astrologer with a kind heart. You treat each client with such care and joy. You are a blessing to everyone who has a reading from you. Your knowledge of Vedic astrology blows me away. I feel lucky to have met you and will continue to refer people to you because you are truly the best! Thank you Juliana!” Kassie, Penn Valley, PA

“I just wanted to say what a blessing it was connecting with you! You are such a gifted astrologer, and I was amazed at the care, time and thoughtfulness you put into my reading. Your ability to bring the many puzzle pieces together in such a cohesive manner was nothing short of astounding. Your questions and comments during my session also brought further clarity and a deeper understanding of my current life situation. You were so warm and personable and I felt as though I was speaking with an old friend.  I have already passed your name along to the many people in my life. Thank you for your insight, perspective and guidance. I look forward to my next reading.” Chris A., Washington, DC


If you or anyone you know is interested in Vedic astrology - whether through readings or becoming a student of metaphysical healing, please feel free to contact Juliana.

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