Auspicious Date Selection


Muhurta is a branch of Jyotish that deals with the auspicious timing of important events. This is similar to the Western elective or electional astrology system. The term muhurta also defines the actual moment chosen for the event in question.

Muhurta can help to override potentially ill-fated karmic conditions reflected in the natal and transit horoscope, thus creating lasting success and well-being for the event and parties involved. A beneficial muhurta (or election) is an instant in time and space when the astral conditions are in nearly complete harmony with the cosmic stream of well-being.

Whereas the natal birth chart is more revealing of our Prahabdha Karma (past karma), muhurta reveals our free will exercised through Agama Karma (created by our current thoughts and plans), and Kriymana Karma (created by our acts in this lifetime). Even if the natal and transit charts reveal difficult karma for any matter in question, muhurta may be all that is needed to shift the karmic balance to a more positive result.

An auspicious date selection requires a time-consuming and comprehensive assessment of a great number of astrological factors as well as corresponding analysis of the individual natal chart. Most modern muhurtas are created for events like: beginning a business venture; travel; marriage; conceiving children; surgical or medical procedures; applying for or starting a new job; breaking ground on a new building; signing a lease; or moving into a new residence. Other reasons for muhurta may include: asking for a promotion or salary increase at work; mailing an important document; making an important phone call; beginning litigation; wearing a prescribed gem for the first time; installing a statue or an altar; buying an expensive item like a car or a boat; or performing any important religious ritual or sacrament.