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Planetary Gem Elixirs provide a complete, safe, affordable and easy-to-use system of gem therapy. The information that each gem elixir transmits is encoded in a crystalline, geometric language and downloaded into the vibratory field of the individual who imbibes these miraculous formulas. Masterfully prepared, these gem elixirs clear the subtle channels so that the divine blueprint of consciousness is free to express the intelligence of the soul.

Full Spectrum Vibrational Healing

Planetary Gem Elixirs are liquid preparations that contain the potentized healing vibrations of precious gemstones. The gem elixirs resonate with the unique blueprint of karmic information that is stored in the causal body and transmitted to the human energy matrix. Through their elegant but powerful interplay with human consciousness, the Planetary Gem Elixirs work with the highest levels of the human emotional and mental processes. The power of utilizing a Planetary Gem Elixir lies in its ability to infuse a full spectrum vibrational healing influence into the subtle and dense physiology, thus freeing the divine blueprint of the soul to express its fullest range of consciousness, intelligence and wholeness.

Dr. Lilli Botchis and Earth Spectrum Health

Planetary Gem Elixirs are the result of many years of research and development by Lilli Botchis, Ph.D., founder of Earth Spectrum Health (ESH) and a leading researcher and educator in subtle energy modalities, practices and products for mind/body health and rejuvenation. For more than 30 years, Dr. Botchis has guided and assisted clients in their transformational healing journeys, using high-vibrational products and alchemical processes, including the Planetary Gem Elixirs. An expert in the formulation of vibrational energy therapies, Dr. Botchis developed a unique process to instill the crystalline structure of gems into a fluid medium, thus producing her line of powerful gem elixirs. The principle behind the elixirs is derived from long established principles of ancient and modern gem healing modalities.

Light Infusion

Planetary Gem Elixirs embody the sacred art and science of imprinting a fluid medium with the intrinsic energy pattern of each gem. The elixirs are prepared from rare and superior stones, hand-selected by a trained gemologist to insure their natural, flawless, untreated and geometrically refined state. Through a proprietary alchemical process involving yogic discipline, prayerful intent, and knowledge of important astrological cycles, the gem’s pure original blueprint is infused through both solar and lunar light into a highly charged liquid medium. Because of this sacred atmosphere and carefully guided ritual preparation, the elixirs become strong carrier waves for the delivery of the gem’s cosmic intelligence.

Gem Healing

All of creation is a complex network of interlacing energy fields organized into geometric patterns that replicate and resonate on a multitude of planes and dimensions. From an understanding of these subtle atomic patterns in nature, ancient enlightened civilizations developed the technology for using precious gems as encoded transmitters of light and frequencies of consciousness. Through this ancient knowledge, we know that the etheric cosmic bodies vibrate according to a special harmonic resonance with colors, musical tones, word sounds, precious minerals (gems and metals), as well as the subtle energetic and physical bodies of living beings.

Because a precious gem exemplifies the perfection of light condensing into matter, it holds tremendous integrity within its energetic matrix. Through a special harmonic resonance, the well-ordered energy system of a precious gem can help to re-pattern, purify and stabilize the frequencies of the chakra system, which is the transduction system that steps down higher-dimensional energies into the physical bodies of living beings. When the chakras are attuned in this way, the glandular system and all physiological, emotional and spiritual processes become subsequently more balanced and energized, allowing for greater health, happiness and overall success in life.

Gemstones or Gem Elixirs?

Whether I will prescribe Jyotish jewelry or gem elixirs is often a matter of client preference. I do advocate gems quite often, as it is my strong belief that a properly recommended and constructed Jyotish gemstone is one of the most potent karmic remedies available. A large, high-quality and nearly flawless gemstone worn properly can change the electromagnetic field so as to ward off negative vibrations and increase more positive ones. However, many do not like to wear jewelry; and for some, the cost of purchasing expensive jewelry is prohibitive. In such circumstances, gem elixir therapy can be an excellent alternative.

Because gem elixirs operate on more subtle energetic levels than gemstones themselves, they work more directly with the subtle energetic bodies, where the greatest changes need to occur to pacify our karmas. Thus, the gem elixirs are thought to evoke a deeper and more enduring change in consciousness over time. It is also believed that because the crystalline blueprint stored in the elixir is transferred by resonance to the body’s biomolecular structures, gem elixirs can evoke healing of the physical body, and perhaps this is a more direct route than wearing a gem affords.

The Vedic healing traditions have identified specific gems that can be used to balance, ameliorate or strengthen specific planetary configurations reflected in the natal and progressed horoscope. There are many exacting though conflicting theories and rules for prescribing gems this way. On the other hand and in many cases, gem elixirs can be used without all the same rules and strictures against wearing gems. For instance, even if a certain gemstone might be contraindicated because it could induce a dissonant vibration for a particular individual, there will be occasions when it is not only safe but also prudent to take the gem elixir instead. Particularly if a gem is flawed or not made and worn correctly, it can actually help to trigger often-dramatic physical or emotional disturbances. Though I have seen many instances of clients’ undergoing dramatic positive changes from the gem elixirs, I have not seen any dangerous complications from their use.

In some instances, I might prescribe a gem elixir instead of a gemstone for a client running a relatively short-term planetary cycle. In these circumstances, a particular gem’s healing properties might be quite helpful, but this same gem would not be indicated long-term. This is quite often a perfect opportunity to take the gem elixir instead of wearing the expensive gem.

Many individuals like to work with the gem elixirs as way of propitiating and invoking the particular vibrational energies of the grahas (the planets, Sun and Moon)—by taking the elixir on its corresponding day of the week:

Monday – Moon’s Day - Pearl

Tuesday – Mars’ Day - Red Coral

Wednesday – Mercury’s Day – Emerald

Thursday – Jupiter’s Day – Yellow Sapphire

Friday – Venus’ Day – Diamond or White Sapphire

Saturday – Saturn’s Day – Blue Sapphire or Amethyst

Sunday – Sun’s Day – Ruby

In some cases, one will intuitively feel drawn to a particular elixir, or will want to take it for its specific qualities and benefits—for example, Red Coral to enhance mental clarity during a writing project, or Blue Sapphire to settle the physiology and inspire meditation, relaxation, and contemplation.

Transformational Benefits of Gem Elixirs—What Others Have Reported

Physical - Vitality, Wellness and Zest for Life
Emotional - Greater Happiness, Peace, Tranquility, Stability and Joy
Mental - Increased Optimism, Positive Thinking, Clarity and Self Confidence
Spiritual - Upliftment, Fulfillment, Grounding, Centeredness and Strength
Soul – Inner Knowing, Inspiration and Communion
Creative - Heightened Senses, Lucid Dreams and Intuition
Social – Opening to Grace, Presence of Being and Improved Communications
Relationships - Deeper Intimacy, Positive Attraction and Harmony
Heart - Expands Love, Compassion, Contentment, Devotion
Financial - Instills Prosperity Consciousness for Manifesting Abundance
Career - Alignment to Soul Purpose
Chakras - Cleansing, Opening, Balancing, Alignment and Integration

Instructions for Use

The elixirs may be combined but are individually prepared and are in most cases utilized on a singular, specific basis for a period of time. During an astrological consultation or a healing session, I will evaluate your energetic blueprint to determine the most appropriate gem elixir(s) for you for a particular time.

If you are not currently a client but would like to try gem elixir therapy, I offer a separate gem elixir consultation in which I will determine your most appropriate gem elixir based on your astrological chart and current situation (dashas and transits).

It is recommended that you take 5-10 drops of the gem elixir 4-6 times a day in water or under your tongue for at least 42 days. The first time that you take the gem elixir, it is important that you set your intention for taking it through an affirmation, prayer or visualization. Be mindful when you take it each time thereafter. Strong emotions, memories, dreams and insights may arise in response to the awakening, healing and transformational process of the gem elixirs, even only after taking them a short while.

Occasionally, physical and emotional symptoms may occur as a result of the clearing and purification of the elixirs working on deep levels. If you experience any such reactions, be gentle with yourself. Eat lightly, drink plenty of fluids, and take time out to reflect and rest. If needed, remember to ask your spiritual and earthly guides and friends for assistance. If the symptoms are too intense, reduce the amount of the elixir or stop completely for a few days, and feel free to consult with me regarding whether you should go back to it as directed when you are feeling better.

Alcohol Preservative

The Planetary Gem Elixirs contain a small amount of organic alcohol and vegetable glycerin as a preservative. For those who are sensitive to alcohol, it is recommended to place the drops of elixir into a few ounces of warm water, let it sit for a few minutes and then drink it. This process dilutes and evaporates the alcohol.

Conscious Healing Qualities

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