Astral Tune-up

Toward a Natural State of Wholeness

During an Astral Tune-up session, I combine tools of astrology and metaphysical healing to illuminate and clear barriers to the natural state of wholeness or health. Through this process, your intelligent, self-governing capacity can begin to more effortlessly allow the divine purpose of the universe to unfold through you. In metaphysical healing, I tap within to connect with the universal healing force. I then invoke this force to lighten and rejuvenate your subtle energy system. You may begin to feel a deeper sense of inner happiness as your spirit flows more freely.

Divine Healing Light

I attune myself as a channel for divine healing light, in order to clear, balance, and rejuvenate your subtle energy system, including your chakras (energy centers), aura (magnetic field), and subtle bodies. This process can help to release blocked emotional energy; strengthen your mind; stimulate new mental faculties; and bring you into greater harmony with your divine nature that lies behind the illusory veil of ephemeral phenomena.

“The divine creative life force has no limitations. Believe this and you shall be well and strong.”
(Swami Sri Yukteswar)

Remote or Non-Local Healing

Remote or non-local healing can be as effective as healing in-person. This is because, as described by mystics and quantum physicists alike, our physical bodies exist within a non-local, infinite field of consciousness that lies beyond space and time. All life is connected by a universal force field, which explains how telepathy, prayer and remote healing are effectual across wide geographical distances.

The Powers of Thought, Synergy, Resonance and Coherence

During an Astral Tune-up session, I may also guide you in a visualization exercise, using the miraculous power of thought to help create healthier vibrational patterns. Aside from the power of thought, I also rely on the principles of synergy, resonance and coherence to generate a coordinating mental and spiritual force to trigger a positive effect on your mental attitude and feeling state. Even after just one session, you may begin to feel more uplifted and optimistic about yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing.

The Law of Grace

A series of Astral Tune-ups can help to awaken your subtle energy system and expand your capacity to hold even greater concentrations of divine light. Taking in more light can begin to engender a state of unconditional bliss-consciousness, in which you feel less impacted by outer circumstance. As the fires of inner wisdom are stoked, the law of grace begins to supersede the law of karma, and you can more joyfully embrace your human experience with an open heart and free spirit.

“Seeds of past karma cannot germinate if they are rooted in the divine fires of wisdom.”
(Paramahansa Yogananda)

There are many facets to holistic health, Astral Tune-ups, and spiritual healing. It may be helpful to acquire a guide and teacher to better understand astrology, metaphysical healing, chakras, auras, and the creative power of thought. Please contact Juliana when you need assistance.